In-situ Permanent Active Casing Panel

ipanel ( Intelligent Panel ) with Concrete : 10 YearsStructural Warranty

-Combination of polypropylene and re-inforced concrete
-Can be designed in any size and any shape
-Durabillty - no crack or leak from ground movements
-10 years warranty on iPanel structure

In-situ Permanent Active Casing Panel Compnents

The 1.5mm professional PVC liner re-inforced lights blue is specially designed for use in swimming pools. Exceptional strength, flexiblity, anti-fungal properties, UV resistance, and power to withstand temperature changes, makes it the ideal choice for the modern pools. the PVC liner remains non-sensitive even to the extreme PH values of the pool water unlike tiles.

*10 years guarantee against leakage

Integrated Filtration System

The mechanical phase of the filtration system is carried out by a filter membrane with a normal filtration rating of 5 and 15 microns. The water is sucked in by the skimmer, filtered through the filter membrane and then driven back into the pool through the front and side nozzles. This creates a gyration by which the entire water of the pool is filtered through the membrane, located in a suction “ bowl”.